Roof Restoration in Irving

Irving Roofing Restoration

If your Irving home is looking worse for wear, give us a call at BesTex Solutions for full roofing restoration. We are based out of the Irving area, so we stand by our roof restoration work with a robust set of repair and maintenance services for your roof. Not only that, our highly experienced roofing restoration team are here to take care of communications with your home insurance company, so you don’t need to deal with irritating paperwork, but can instead get back to enjoying your home.

Our professional roofing restoration experts are here to help, so give us a call today!

Irving TX Roofing Restoration

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Roof Failure Points
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Can My Irving Roof Be Restored?

Can My Roof Be Restored Irving
The first time a roof leaks, repairing the leak is the best option. Repairing a roof is simply identifying and addressing any minor problems, leaks or cracks. Whether patching the roof, replacing shingles, or applying asphalt on cracks, repairs correct minor, isolated issues. Even if your roof has several minor leaks, it is more cost-effective to repair the leaks. However, multiple leak issues may be a sign that the overall condition of your roof is deteriorating and it’s time to consider a restoration.


Waterproof Roof Paint Irving System

Waterproof Roof Paint System Irving
Roof coating systems properly applied on commercial building roofs, pipes, and other rooftop equipment can both seal and waterproof your roof. Using correct products and application methods is essential when applying a roof coating to any commercial business property, especially when the roof consists of different materials and slopes. Application can be tricky around pipes, seams, and other rooftop variables. A professional will identify roof sections which require repair prior to coating application.


Irving Roof Failure Points

Roof Failure Points in Irving
Even though modern roofs are designed with storm resistance in mind, gradual damage from wind, hail, and other factors causes deterioration that is often difficult to see. This damage puts added pressure on the roof’s stress points, making them more vulnerable and unstable. It’s imperative to spot issues before they become major problems. Knowing what to look for as different types of storms hit your home will help you see signs of roof damage and keep your roof safe and sound all year long.


Roof Evaluations in Irving

Roof Evaluations Irving
Roof evaluations are important because they are usually the first step in any major roofing project. If you want to file an insurance claim, you’ll need a roof inspection. You’ll also need one if you want a new roof installation or a roof replacement. When your BesTex roof contractor arrives and examines your roof, they can help you determine what you should repair or replace. Essentially, roof inspections are a critical first step in many processes that improve your roof’s lifespan.


Irving Sustainability

Roof Repair Sustainability in Irving
Almost every piece of material that goes into the construction of a building contributes to how sustainable the building is. The roof in particular plays an integral role in determining the energy efficiency of the building. In addition, the material the roof is made of, its durability and its recyclability contribute to the building’s environmental footprint.