Irving Water Leak Repair

Irving Water Leak Roof Repair

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A roof leak is no laughing matter. In a short period of time, a leaking roof can do serious damage to your home. In Irving TX Roof leaks can damage flooring and walls as well as your belongings. If not fixed right away leaks also creates an easy opportunity for black mold spores to form and spread.

Leaks or a Leaking roof doesn’t just happen because of missing shingles or holes, they can come from many places on your Irving roof including skylights, chimneys, gutters, dormer windows, and vent and plumbing pipes. Anything that penetrates your roof is a candidate for a leak!

Skylights can create a more open feeling and bring more light into your house. If installed properly skylights are usually good at resisting leaks, but like other items on your roof this can change over time. Flashing can become damaged and sealant can peel off. Materials can become damaged or separate. Skylight repairs are best left to professional roofers or contractors. Sometimes the only solution to a leaky skylight is replacement.

Some skylights, especially in bathrooms, will drip water from condensation. This happens when the warm room air meets the colder surface of the skylight. This problem can be fixed by simply improving the room’s ventilation.

Chimneys are one of the more common sources of Irving roof leaks. Damage to the flashing that surrounds the chimney as well as crumbling or loose mortar allows water to seep into your home. Most of the time, the flashing or mortar needs replaced and resealed. While it may be tempting to simply repair these problems yourself using caulk, this will only solve the problem temporarily.

Gutters protect your house by conveying water away from your roof. Gutters that are loose or clogged with debris aren’t able to do their job properly. This can cause water to back up or pool on your roof and work its way under your shingles, causing a leaking Irving roof. Install gutter guards and make sure that you keep trees trimmed and away from your roof. If you have open gutters, you will want to make sure that you periodically check for clogs and clear any you find by removing debris.

Dormer Windows
Leaking dormers? They may have wood rot at the window trim, deteriorating caulk, damaged flashings or other problems. Like the rest of your house, dormers have their own siding and roof shingles which can be damaged by weather or age.

Vent & Plumbing Pipes
These roof projections combine metal flashing with rubber seals. Exposed to the elements, the rubber can become dry and cracked in as little as 5 or 10 years and need to be replaced. As with your chimney, the flashing surrounding these pipes can become loose or torn. Either issue can cause your Irving TX roof to leak.

Roof Leak? We can help!
Bestex Irving Roofing Solutions has the experience you can rely on to help with any roof leaks here in Irving Texas. One of our factory trained and certified roofing specialist will perform a FREE inspection of the roof leak both inside and outside your home. They will also identify, take pictures and explain any other troubled areas found while on the roof, as well as offer you an affordable solution for repair.

When you think about the damages that neglecting your roof can cause, the price of repair is actually an investment in your home. Bestex Roofing Solutions offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your roof leak repair as well as a One Year Leak Free Guarantee.

If you’re looking for a Central Texas licensed, reliable and experienced company in Irving, look to Bestex Irving Roofing Solutions for all your roof repair and preservation needs.

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